Idea and implementation

“The video clip is a gift to the employee, it is a piece of Raiffeisen, symbolically considered one share, one share for a lifetime.
It’s a thank you to every single person that makes Raiffeisen, and it is also a sign of recognition and belonging, as well as of friendship – and it is something that will stay in your memory of the big day and the message behind it.

LipDub is an ideal medium to make the basic strategy and values of a company perceptible that can be experienced by every employee. For the Raiffeisen LipDub, the song was recorded and sung with talented musicians and singers (employees of Raiffeisen) before the occasion. Likewise, different sequences were rehearsed with around 500 employees in advance. The entire content of the LipDub – picture and audio – was thus made 100% with Raiffeisen employees.

The artist Martin O. was involved in creating it. In the LipDub, he plays the customer and is the only non-Raiffeisen employee shown in the video. The song is an original composition and comes from the hit forging Hitmill. with a crew from Filmgerberei produced the video.
Incidentally, the idea for the LipDub concept came from Grand Rapids, Michigan. After being referred to in the media as a “dying” city, it made its mark with the biggest LipDub in the world – in 2011. 5,000 people were involved, from all areas of the city. The idea is amazingly simple: Put various people lip-syncing a catchy song in front of the camera. LipDubs are usually made from a single camera take, as was the case with the Raiffeisen LipDub.“



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