Employer Branding

The Next Case puts everything in a company into motion

Now more than ever, employees shape a company’s success. Authentic corporate identity, a desirous brand, and highly motivated employees are what are needed, especially in times when competition is fierce. A company therefore needs to build its own self-confidence. Employees need to get involved in this process, taking an active role and presenting themselves to the outside world as brand ambassadors.

This is what’s called employer branding. It is a part of the corporate culture and it needs to become your employees’ lifeblood. Motivation workshops are designed your companies to define its values, its vision, and its goals together with your employees. Other factors help build a positive culture: contract terms, job security, pay, and a sense of status.

It doesn’t matter whether a company’s just getting started with employer branding or is in the middle of it or nearing the end: The Next Case offers a valuable and effective opportunity to support, accelerate, and anchor the impact of this work for the future. The Next Case brings anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000 employees together for a single day, facilitates a one-of-a-kind dialogue via an interactive online platform, offers a news portal, and moderates workshops. The goal is for each participant to come away with a shared understanding of the company, the importance of each individual to the success of the whole, and to create identity.

A company is a sociotope where people find themselves working and living together in a shared environment. This results in group-specific structures, hierarchies, and a more or less clear division of responsibilities. A well-functioning sociotope will have a certain level of comfort and people will begin to identify with the company. But this alone is not enough to create a great corporate culture. Enthusiasm and mutual appreciation are also required. These are values that the top management should demonstrate and that the employees should feel and pass on. This is also called mission thinking. It is the basis of every great corporate culture.

Work can be fun, but it doesn’t have to be. But it does have to be fulfilling. The best motivation for this is identification. The motivation of employees cannot be bought with money, comfort, or status. Employees need to believe in what they’re doing. And a company needs to foster this belief – with communication.

The feeling of being part of something bigger and identifying with what you do does not happen by chance. It needs targeted, inspiring communication from the company. If a company has defined what makes it special and great, it needs to get its employees to embody this vision by communicating it. This requires considerably more effort than it might once have. Indeed, it requires a complete corporate spirit programme. Communication that makes a company a community.