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Employer Branding
The Next Case puts everything in a company into motion
Now more than ever, employees shape a company’s success. Authentic corporate identity, a desirous brand, and highly motivated employees are what are needed, especially in times when competition is fierce. A company therefore needs to build its own self-confidence. Employees need to get involved in this process, taking an active role and presenting themselves to the outside world as brand ambassadors.



A message needs to touch people to be heard, and if it is presented in a fascinating way it is unforgettable

Traditional information flows from A to B are quickly fizzling out. If A and B are involved in an exchange of information, then this is an emotional experience that will be remembered.

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The design determines the feel-good factor

If a meeting place looks good and people feel fully comfortable there, then the layout is successful, it is well-designed.

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The technical infrastructure for an event often has unimaginable dimensions: 100 semi-trailer loads of material for The Next Case

The obvious demand for it to run smoothly borders on megalomania.

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It was absolutely worth the effort. I would do it again, any time.
I am now firmly convinced that people can only deliver peak performance when they really understand the meaning of what they do in their everyday lives, and that this meaning has to be brought together in an organisation in order to make something greater. The individual needs to know that what they do is a part of what the organisation as a whole needs. If this understanding exists, peak performance can finally be achieved.

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The video clip is a gift to the employees, it is a piece of Raiffeisen, symbolically considered one share, one share for a lifetime

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The triumvirate

The makers behind The next Case

Harry Heusser & Tobias Waldmeier & Bob Klenk

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